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Working together.

I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds. Usually, our first sessions together involve me getting to know you and your goals. Together, we will shape therapy around your needs and desires. In response to your vulnerability, I bring compassion and skilled interventions to help you heal and grow. Throughout our time together, I will most likely ask if what we are doing is helpful and shift course when necessary. Therapy is about you and what you bring. The more of your unique self you bring to it, the more you will gain from it!


While I am experienced in working with an array of clients, here are some areas I have particular interest in.



If you are trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer—or right in the midst of wondering what your authentic sexuality or gender identity may be—I am ready to offer space for you. While your identity as an LGBTQ person is wonderful, you know that our world does not always treat it such. Because of this, LGBTQ folks unjustly have to work harder to navigate romantic and sexual relationships, family conflict, messages from faith communities, your relationship to your own body, and more. The therapy room is a space where you can dream about what your life can look like as your most whole self.


My career began in LGBTQ advocacy and I know therapy can be particularly intimidating for LGBTQ folks. You may wonder if a therapist is truly affirming. You may have had less than stellar experiences with ill-informed therapists. I hope those concerns don't keep you from reaching out and getting the help you are yearning for. I am ready to hear and explore your concerns. 



Navigating life as a teenager can be stressful in ways that can feel absolutely overwhelming. While parents, teachers, and coaches do their best, sometimes more is needed. Therapy provides a space where adolescents can safely share with an adult who is there to listen, not discipline them. In therapy, adolescents can be open about the challenges in their life.

Including work outside of the therapy room, I have over a decade of experience supporting and mentoring adolescents. I have seen first-hand the transformations that can happen when teenagers have a safe space to be themselves. 



Going to couples therapy does not mean admitting defeat. Instead, it offers you a chance to explore what's working in your relationship and what may need to change. If you feel stuck and confused, like you keep getting into "pointless" arguments, or like you've lost the "magic" you remember in the beginning, couples therapy can help you reconnect with your partner. Couples therapy can also help when you feel overwhelmed by the suspicion or revelation of infidelity. As a therapist, I can help you pause, own your fears, pain, and desires, and explore paths for moving forward.


I also offer pre-marital counseling, which I dare say can be fun! Over the course of a few weeks, we take a structured look at your strengths as a couple and give you tools in the areas that are ripe for growth. 


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